Full Dental Implants

There are several options in replacing full mouth dental implants or an edentulous jaw with dental implants.

Full Bridge Implants

Full Mouth Dental Implants

Options include both conventional techniques and immediate load prostheses.

Conventional Full Implants Solutions

Conventional full dental implants options are well established, stable and has a high success rates require your implants to be placed across a period of months and done in 2 stages. The implant tooth roots are left to heal into the jaw bone before the prosthese is fixed over the implant posts. Such full tooth implant options include:

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Immediate Full Implants Solutions

Immediate function full implants have the advantage where you have new teeth within the same visit when your implant posts are placed on. Therefore, your treatmment timings is shorter with a easier transition from having poor teeth or  no teeth to having new teeth replacement. Immediate function implant options are however more expensive and carries a higher risks.  So using a good quality implant system and having a well experienced implantologist or oral surgeon is vital. Not all implantologists are able to perform full jaw immediate function implants.

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Types of Full Dental Implants

The implant posts looks like a screw or cylinder that is placed into your jaw. Over the next two to six months, the implant post and the bone are allowed to bond together to form an anchor for your artificial tooth. During this time, a temporary tooth replacement option such as a full denture can be worn over the implant site or left with a temporary healing cap. Gums is allowed to heal for a couple of weeks following this procedure. The temporary full dentures is removable for cleaning and maintenance and is not attached to the implant posts.

After healing, a replacement prosthese of an metal frame overdenture is made. The overdenture is designed to fitted over attachments abutments of the dental implant post. This locks and retains the full dentures securely so your full dentures will not slip or slide whilst eating and chewing.

Your implantologists plans and makes the immediate fixed dentures during treatment planning. When the prosthese is ready, your dental implant specialist places the implant posts. If bleeding is under control, the immedate denture is fitted during the same or next visit. You are advised to take care during healing period without heavy during the next months. After few months, your iimmediate fixed dentures may be re-lined or a new long lasting metal frame fixed dentures made for replacement of the first set of immediate fixed dentures. 

implant dentures

Implants Overdentures

2 to 4 implant posts are placed. An full dentuers is retained securely over the implant posts.

Dental Implant Bridges

Implant Bridges

6, 8 or more implant posts are placed. A fixed bridges is fitted directly over each implant post. This option is strongest and simliar to having new set of teeth.

Full Jaw All-on-4

Immediate Load Implants 

4,5 or 6 implant posts placed. A fixed dentures is placed over same or next visit when implant posts are ebedded.

Cases of Full Jaw Implants

Dental Implants with Full Fixed  Bridges

Dental Implant before
teeth implant bridges
no teeth
Bridge implants

Upper Immediate Function All-on-5 and Lower Implant-Supported Dentures

before after case full implants

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Dental Implant Options

There are several implant options in replacing missing teeth permamently. Click on above to view other dental implant solutions for your case.

Dental Implants

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