Phuket Dental Crowns Prices

emax ceramic crowns

Why Phuket Smile Signature Dental Clinics?

  • Checkup and consultation is FREE at Phuket Smile Signature dental clinic
  • Our dental crowns are Treated by Aesthetic Dental Specialists or dentists specifically assigned privileges for aesthetic veneers treatment based on their certifications, skill set and experience
  • Phuket Smile Signature uses a dedicated dental laboratory for Quicker Treatment timings
  • Phuket Smile Signature dental group group is an American Dental Association (ADA) affiliate member
  • Phuket Smile Signature is part of Thailand’s largest dental network with a team of over 100 dentists
  • Prices at Smile Signature are standardized fixed prices made visible and transparent at all times with No Hidden Costs

Phuket Dental Crowns Prices

All Ceramic Metal-Free CrownsPromotion (baht/per tooth)Normal (baht/per tooth)
IPS eMax/3M Lava Zirconia (>6 teeth)14,00025,000
IPS eMax/3M Lava Zirconia (1-5 teeth)15,00025,000
Cercon Zirconia17,00025,000
Porcelain Fused to Alloy (PFM) CrownsPromotion (baht/per tooth)Normal (baht/per tooth)
PFM Standard Alloy9,00012,000
PFM Gold Alloy13,000-17,00015,000-22,000

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